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Pakistan Biggest Christian TV Chanel And Church Ministry awarded ambassador of Christian Rights in Pakistan To Mr Samuel Payara



God gave Pastor Anwer Fazal (Chairman of Isaac TV) the vision to start a televion Ministry in Pakistan. Eternal Life Ministry is a great blessed ministry in Pakistan.

The Eternal Life Ministry of Pakistan, which is non- profit ministry, is running the Isaac tv, Pastor Anwer Fazal is the chairman of Isaac TV. Isaac Television started its first transmission via cable TV in April of 2004.

ISAAC television is the first 24 ­hour Christian evangelical television channel to be broadcasted on air.

ISAAC tv aims to share the un-compromised Word of God by capturing the hearts and minds of viewers from all over the world with Church Services, Christian Films, Youth and Children’s Programs, Christian Music Programs, Biblical Documentaries, Christian Talk Shows and much of this kind.


Mr. Samuel Pyara Chairman of Bright Future Sociely is working for the Security for Christian Religious Places, and helping  the poor and needy people in whole Pakistan. He is an appliciant for the Christian Rights In Supreme Court. His service is adorable in the whole world.



To giving an honour to Mr Samuel Pyara On 16th December Mr Anwar Fazal and His team Present Award to Mr Samuel Payara for His Working for the Christians of Pakistan and Give Him Title As a Ambassador of Christians Rights.





  1. Jannie says

    God bless you all in
    Jezus Name.

  2. Benny Koen says

    Dear Ps,
    I am from Cape Town in South Africa and a true believer in Jesus Christ. I visited Lahore Pakistan more than 16 years ago. I was invited by a certain Ps and also met a Ps John James from Durban in South Africa. We had a wonderful time in Pakistan and the Lord saved many souls for His Kingdom. I have a singing Ministry and has traveled the world by His Grace. At that time I was still working as a Sheriff in South Africa. When I came back from Pakistan, I was attacked by the enemy in South Africa as never before. I have retired as Sheriff now and still going through some attacks. I realized I must have hit the devil where it hurts.

    My reason for taking this time to contact you is; we are praying for Pakistan and it’s people and the saving of many souls. We are also praying for your Government. I am so glad to see what God is doing in Pakistan even after I left, I’m in constant contact with some of the believers.

    God Bless your TV Station and it’s people who are employed as well as your safety.
    We Love you, and pray for you

    Benny Koen
    Cape Town-South Africa

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