Discrimination: Christians in Wana demand employment, job security

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DI KHAN: Christians protested in Wana, South Waziristan on Monday, demanding job security. The protesters said their right to employment as janitorial staff was being denied.


The protesters gathered near their church on Scouts Camp Road and asked senior government officials to stop the political administration from depriving them of their jobs. The demonstrators said Christians should be recruited at hospitals in Wana, the agency headquarters. Malik Jahanzeb Massi, who led the protest, told The Express Tribune Christians were being denied employment and such injustices had been carrying on against them for a long period of time. “Now others are given these janitorial jobs, which is unjust and cruel,” he added. Massi said their earlier protests fell on deaf ears.


“The government should ensure employment for our community and stop discrimination.”


Christians have been living in Wana since long, but have often complained over being discriminated against and being deprived of their basic rights by the political administration. Earlier, they demanded a Christian colony, their own graveyard and other facilities. The protesters said instead of providing these basics, authorities had further pushed the community against the wall by depriving them of employment.