The History of Beautiful Karachi

The History of Beautiful Karachi

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The history of Karachi began in the period of Greece and Arabian states. The Arabians knew the city of Karachi as a seaport of Deibal, from where Mohamad bin Qasim started to get his war victories. According to British historian John H. Elliott told that the some regions of Karachi and the Island Manora were considered in Deibal. In 1772 village Kolaji became a seaport for trading especially in Behrain. In 1775 Karachi was the part of the region of ruler Khan Qilaad. In the same year the war began between Khan Qilaad and the rulers of Sindh. Then Karachi was conquered by Sindh rulers so in the same period Karachi’s seaport got increase in its trading and because of this the population of Karachi got increased as well. Because of this progress many communities came here even the English men attracted to region also. So English people attacked Karachi on 30th February 1839 and occupied this region.

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After three years this region was included in British India as a one of its districts. In 1876 the founder of Pakistan Qaid-e-Azam Mohamad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi. During this period Karachi was a progressive and modern city; the whole dependence was its railway station and seaport. Karachi became a central point of seaport trading. In 1880 Karachi was connected to India by making railways. In the year of 1899 Karachi was big trade center of grains in eastern Asia. 1947 after independence of Pakistan, Karachi became its capital. In that time this city’s population was four hundred thousand. The new position of this city in Pakistan and all over the world became a reason of more increase of its population than before. So, this city became the central point of whole region around it; from 1947 to 1953 Karachi was remained the capital of Pakistan. But because of speedy growth of its population; it was decided to choose another city of Pakistan as a capital of the country. President Ayub Khan started the development work near Rawalpindi city. At last the capital of Pakistan was become in the city of Islamabad in 1968. Karachi is still Pakistan’s largest city and it is very important for the industrial and seaport trading. During the period of 1980 to 1990 Karachi become the target of terrorism and political disputes. Although at present the circumstances of Karachi are better than before and Karachi is going for good very fast. There is still some inner illegal bit of powers to terrorize this beautiful city but these are almost failed now against Karachi’s enlargement.