Sialkot: Six Ahmadis booked for declaring themselves Muslims

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SIALKOT: (Christian Times) – Six members of the Ahmadiyya community on Sunday were booked by Bambanwala police for having allegedly declared themselves as Muslims, outlawed under Pakistani law, in order to vote in the 2015 local body elections.

The case registered against the six people maintains that these Ahmadis had declared themselves as Muslims through their certificates and CNICs in order to take part in the voting for 2015 local body elections. The case has been registered on the orders of Lahore High Court over a petition filed by a citizen named Mazhar Hameed. The case has been registered.

It is pertinent to mention here that three members of Ahmadi community had been sentenced to three years in prison by a Faisalabad court in a blasphemy case on May 21. In another case from Sheikhupura, four Ahmadis were booked under blasphemy law. Three of them were ghanded death sentences while one died under police custody.

So far 250 Ahmadis have been killed since 1984, when the blasphemy laws were incorporated into the Pakistan constitution. According to an estimate, around 500,000 Ahmadis live in Pakistan while the total population of the community across the world is between 10 to 20 million. The community has been facing extreme discrimination in Pakistan and this discrimination is on the rise.