Fears regarding missing Pakistani activist rising

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LAHORE: (Christian Times)- Fears about the safety of peace activist Raza Khan after he went missing on December are rising as according to reports he was picked up by unidentified men while he was returning from an event where he criticised the Faizabad sit-in by a religious party.

Raza Khan was also accompanied on this event by his friend Umair Wahidy who said that the discussion at the event was quite candid and there was nothing like a serious disagreement. He added that discussion on the blasphemy law and its misuse against the religious minorities also took place during the event.

Wahidy told that the discussion ended at about 8pm and all the participants went home after it. That was the last time Raza Khan talked to his friends. His phone was switched off when he was contacted the next day (Sunday) at about half past 2 in the afternoon. Umair started calling other friends after that and when all the attempts to contact Raza failed, they went to his home at about half past 11 at night.

The light at the house was unusually turned on. The door was locked but all the things inside the room were exactly in their place and there were no symptoms of any resistance at the scene. However, Raza’s neighbours and the landlord had no clue regarding his whereabouts. Raza Khan’s brother has filed an FIR against unidentified men in the case.

It is pertinent to mention here that social media activists had been abducted earlier this year in Pakistan and they had been released after a few days. Two of those activists had later stated that they had been abducted by security agencies but the army had denied involvement in any of the cases.