Myanmar: Pope Francis calls for respect for all religious communities

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NAYPYITAW: (Christian Times) – Pope Francis has on Tuesday said that Myanmar should have a future where the honour and rights of every member, every ethnic group and their identity is protected, rule of law reigns supreme and a democratic government that would provide respect for every person and every group.

In his address, Pope Francis said that Myanmar’s biggest treasure was its people, who have had to suffer a lot. He said that these people will continue to suffer due to the social rifts created by longstanding civil conflicts and enmity.

He said that now that the nation was striving for the restoration of peace, the first political and spiritual priority should be the healing of these wounds. Instead of using religious disagreements for division and distrust, the religious disagreements should be used for building the nation through unity, tolerance and wisdom.

It is pertinent to mention here that Myanmar has a population of 53 million and 1.3% of these people are Catholic Christians. 88% of the population follows Buddhist faith while 6% are Christians. The pope will attend religious events on Wednesday in Rangoon where around 200,000 Catholic Christians are expected to turn up.