Indonesia: Ahmadi community continues to suffer

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JAKARTA: (Christian Times) – Recently when the Indonesian judiciary decided in favour of removing the compulsions to declare a person’s religion in the National Identity Card, the minorities in the country had rejoiced. The court had stated that a person, whether a Muslim or not, didn’t need to mention their religion on the national identity card. However, Ahmadis living in the country enjoyed no respite as they still face discrimination in the world’s biggest Muslim country. Ahmadiyya movement had made inroads into Indonesia from India in 1925. According to an estimate, some 400,000 Ahmadis currently reside in Indonesia.

In 1980, Indonesia’s council of theologians had declared Ahmadi Muslims as followers of a ‘deviated sect’. Persecution of Ahmadis has been reported in this strictly Muslim country over the last few years. They were attacked, murdered and even forcefully converted. Moreover, instances of their worship places being set on fire and protests against them have also been recorded.

Just during the four years between 2007 and 2011, 342 incidents of Ahmadi persecution and inadequate behaviour were recorded.