Was Thomas Jefferson Christian or Jew?

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WASHINGTON: (Christian Times) – Why are Christianity and Judaism different despite so many similarities? This is the question raised by the American scholars some ten years ago but how does the story of Thomas Jefferson, a former president and one of the founders of the country, fit in here? It is said that Jefferson read Bible daily before going to sleep. However, he differed on certain verses from Bible so he removed them from his personal copy.

Thomas Jefferson has written that Jesus didn’t want to present himself as the son of God before the humankind. Terming the authors of the New Testament as illiterate, he said that these authors had only promoted dogma, extremism and forgery. According to one report, Jefferson once took two copies of Bible in White House and started erasing the chapter on Jesus from it.

It is believed that Thomas Jefferson didn’t believe Jesus to be Messiah and in fact rejected the idea of the concept of trinity as well. He had compiled a new book from Bible removing the stories regarding Jesus and he also informed his friend Benjamin Rush about it in a letter. The book had only one copy, which couldn’t be found after getting lost but in 1820, when Jefferson was 77, he compiled a new Bible and it was written in English, French, Latin and Greek languages. Jefferson titled this book as ‘The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth’ and it is now at a museum in Washington.

An American magazine raised the question in 2007 if Jefferson was the first Jewish president of the United States. British experts had revealed in this article that Jefferson’s Y chromosome is a part of the K2 line, which goes back some 2000 years back. This line spreads into Western Europe, Liberia, France and Britain. However, its most important line exists in Central Asia. The experts believe that the Jewish people brought this chromosome to Europe from the Central Asia.