DHS head resigns for harsh language used against Christianity and Islam

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WASHINGTON: (Christian Times) – Disgusting debates over race and religious faith have once again begun in the United States. Department of Homeland Security’s subsidiary DHS’s head Jamie Johnson said in a hateful message recently that the Black citizens of the country had turned big cities into slums through their laziness, laxity, use of drugs and sexual degeneration. Moreover, he said that Islam had given the world nothing in the last 1500 years other than oil and dead bodies.

However, Jamie Johnson has now apologized for his remarks and resigned from his office while the resignation has also been confirmed by Homeland Security spokesperson.

It is pertinent to mention here that the statement had been issued by Johnson a few years ago during a radio interview. But the conversation recently reemerged after it was played on CNN.

Department of Homeland Security’s acting press secretary stated that the statement was made by Jamie Johnson before he became a part of the department and thus the department had nothing to do with his stance or the statement.