US diplomat makes improvement of ties with Sudan conditional to religious freedom

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WASHINGTON: (Christian Times) – American Deputy Secretary of State John J Sullivan, who recently visited Sudan, has said that his government was ready to help the African country get out of US’s special countries’ list. It is pertinent to mention here that US State Department had included Sudan in this year’s list of countries with particular concern in view of the international religious freedom. Sullivan said that the bilateral ties with Sudan could improve if human rights and religious freedom improve in the country.

Sullivan said it while addressing a crowd in a mosque in Sudan. He said that meeting the Muslims and Christians in this mosque aimed at stressing the point that the US wanted to promote religious freedom in Sudan. The American diplomat said that interreligious harmony, respect and tolerance, protection of the religious freedom and other human rights were like a wall against terrorism.

It is pertinent to mention here that Christians make about 3% of the total population of Sudan. Despite being in such low numbers, Christians are routinely targeted in Sudan.