Death sentence for keeping Bible because this is North Korea

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PYONGYANG: (Christian Times) – A recent report by the US State Department reveals that even a suspicion of someone praying to God could mean unleashing of terrible violence and even death for the person. Yet, 36% of the total population of the country is Christian and practices the teachings of Bible.

World Help president Vernon Brewer revealed in a recent report how difficult it was for him to send copies of Bible in North Korea. He told that if a person in North Korea was found owning a Bible, they could be sentenced to 15 years in jail or even worse. Brewer said that being caught with a Bible would mean certain death for him yet he didn’t care about his life in taking the message of God to the Korean people. “We have vowed to take 100,000 Bible copies to North Korea and distribute them”, he said.

Vernon made another shocking revelation that there were 70,000 Koreans in North Korean prisons just because of their faiths.