Roy Moore still enjoys support from conservative Christians

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ALABAMA: (Christian Times) – Republican Senate candidate from Alabama Roy Moore has been facing severe criticism after allegations of harassing a 14-year-old girl but certain conservative Christians still believes him to be their champion and was standing firm by his side. This firmness is shocking for the American voters outside Alabama as they just can’t believe someone could support a person after such horrific allegations.

Recently, Christian priest Mike Ellison praised Roy Moore during a ‘God Save America’ rally, saying that the Republican candidate had strongly defended the American constitution. He added that Roy Moore stood for the word of the God as he was against ‘murder’ through abortion.

The priest said that Roy Moore was against the parents doing family planning and a redefining of marriage. “He believes that this issue is just between a man and a woman, and not any other way around. He is against all the threats faced by the traditional family system”. Ellison said that Moore was a champion who fought for what was right.