Minorities should be allowed to pray freely in Morocco: Jewish community

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RABAT: (Christian Times) – In a statement issued on Sunday in the light of the minority community’s joint session in Morocco, the Jewish community has demanded for the minorities complete freedom to practice their religion. Talking to media after the session, Moroccan Commission of Religious Minorities Coordinator Jawad al-Hameedi said that whenever discussion regarding legal reforms about the minorities is taken up in the country, it is blocked in one way or the other while the society still fears to discuss it openly. So much so that even the civil society avoids talking about the issue.

However, religious clerics, researchers, human rights activists, preachers and the members of the religious minorities made forceful demands through this session held on Saturday. It is important to remember that the Christians, Jews, Baha’i community and other minorities make up only 1 percent of the total population. Al-Hameedi said that the minorities faced suppression and harassment in Morocco while some sections of the media also portrayed them as homosexuals and atheists.

Morocco was once considered to be the biggest hub of the Jewish community in North Africa but after the establishment of Israel and its freedom, the number of Jews in Morocco has fallen to just 5000. Moreover, a large number of Muslims has converted to Christianity in the country but they are forced to keep their faiths secret because of the particular situation of the country. According to US State Department, the number of Muslims converted to Christianity is somewhere between 2000 and 6000.