Islamabad: Govt extends the deadline given to sit-in protestors

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ISLAMABAD: (Christian Times) – Government has once again extended the deadline given to the religious extremists who have made the lives of the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad hell during the last few days. So-called Islamic clerics and some 2000 supporters with them have literally brought the life in the twin cities to a standstill. Thousands of police and paramilitary forces are present in Islamabad to deal with any kind of unwanted situation, waiting for the orders to operate but the government is trying its best to avoid a bloody clash and trying to disperse the protestors with the help of negotiations but the effort seems to be in vain so far.

Reports claim that the government has accepted all the demands by the protestors but they are still adamant on Law Minister’s resignation because they believe that Zahid Hamid was the person solely responsible for the amendment made in the declaration of the election candidates. On the other hand, the government says that nobody could be removed without evidence against them.

It is pertinent to mention here that Ahmadi community was declared non-Muslims in 1974 through an amendment in the constitution but the Ahmadi community is still not ready to accept this amendment and they believe themselves to be Muslims.

The government is hesitating in taking an action against the protestors because there is a possibility that the followers might take some unwanted step following the command of their so-called religious leaders. Senior Islamabad police officer Sajid Kiani told that several rounds of talks have been held between the government and protestors but the deadlock still persists. He added that strict action could be taken in case no agreement is reached.