Budapest Declaration expresses solidarity with entire Christian community

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BUDAPEST: (Christian Times) – Analysts have expressed mixed reaction over Budapest Declaration and have appreciated it for adopting a clear stance against religious persecution. The declaration accepted last month with global consultation has expressed solidarity with Christian and other persecuted communities worldwide, vowing to come to their help. The declaration has made its demands for the promotion of religious freedom from policymakers, influential people and the governments all over the world.

The international consultation had been organised by the Hungary government. Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban addressed the ceremony and discussed the concerns highlighted by Pope Francis in 2015 in which he had stated that the rulers keeping mum on the persecution of the Christians were also party to the crime.

Viktor Orban said that out of every 5 persons facing persecution today in the world, 4 ere Christians. He said that the biggest problem Christianity faced today was the silence of Europe, which denies the existence of Christianity altogether. The Hungarian PM said that the persecution faced by the Christians did not only fail to make it to the media but even political statements condemning it aren’t found.

Other speakers at the conference said that West should be ashamed of the fact that it isn’t coming forward to help the Christians and other persecuted communities that are being targeted politically, socially and economically solely on the basis of their religion.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan is the fourth most dangerous country of the world for Christians according to International World Watch List’s shocking report. Thousands of Christians have left the country to seek asylum in Thailand and are forced to live as refugees in other countries.