Global community tells Pakistan to stop executing people

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GENEVA: (Christian Times) – Third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) has stressed upon Pakistan to ensure safety of the religious minorities and other vulnerable groups, including journalists. UPR also demanded improvement in the human rights situation and impartial investigations against people involved in human rights violations.

International Commission of Jurists’ Asia Director Fredrick Rawski told that the third UPR has tried to bring the world attention towards the recent failures of the implementation of human rights in Pakistan. He stated that as a member of the International Human Rights Commission, it is mandatory for Pakistan to achieve higher standards of human rights and ensure the safety of the minorities but it has remained unsuccessful in the same so far.

International Commission of Jurists said that around 500 people have been executed in Pakistan during the last three years. It added that the parliament of Pakistan has given complete freedom to its military courts that run secret trials against the accused and hand out death sentences with complete liberty. Meanwhile, the Pakistani authorities have started a new crackdown against NGOs, journalists and human rights activists working for the welfare of the people.

The commission has stressed that Pakistan must make sure that all the recommendations in the UPR should be implemented.