EU asks Pakistan to halt the execution of Asia Bibi

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LAHORE: (Christian Times) – European Conservative and Reformists (ECR) group’s delegation visited Pakistan and met Asia Bibi’s family, as well as Pakistani authorities. The EU delegation was headed by Mr Van Dalen who raised Asia Bibi’s issue with Pakistan’s minister for justice and requested him to amend the blasphemy laws. He said that as a first step, they would want to see the misuse of this law to be eradicated completely.

In his diary sent to Bon News Life, Dalen wrote that Asia Bibi’s lawyer was astonished at the mental condition of this woman despite having faced such enormous challenges. He wrote that he could go mad if put in jail for even 30 days but Asia Bibi was in jail for several years and yet was physically and mentally perfect, which was nothing less than a miracle.

Van Dalen said that handing death sentence to Asia Bibi on inconclusive evidence was extremely unfortunate and highly concerning as well. He hoped that his delegation’s visit to Pakistan will positively affect Asia Bibi’s case and will also help to enlighten Pakistan government on changing the blasphemy laws and highlighting the issues pertaining to the Christians and other minorities of Pakistan.

It’s pertinent to mention here that 48-year-old Asia Bibi had been arrested in 2009 for alleged blasphemy. Her only fault was that she had told her fellow Muslim women that according to her belief Jesus was still alive and he had sacrificed himself for our sins.