World Shia-Sunni war will destroy Muslim countries: Hem Raj Jain

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NEW DELHI: (Christian Times) – Hem Raj Jain has written in a recent article that US President Donald Trump’s announcement made in Saudi Arabia on May 21 earlier this year is now being implemented on a global scale. He argued that if Indian Muslims failed to rise up to this crisis then then Christians and Jews will destroy the Muslim countries through Shia-Sunni war. He argued that the Muslims of India shouldn’t focus on Trump’s words but his actions.

Jain said that Trump provoked the Saudi government before heads of 50 other Muslim states to take the responsibility of removing Iranian government and end the Shiite terrorism in the region. The US president said in his address that it was Iran that funded the rebel groups and terrorist organisations to orchestrate chaos and destruction in the Middle East from Lebanon to Iraq and Yemen.

It is pertinent to mention here that Trump had made this speech on May 21 in the context of the 40-state alliance that was in the making at the time and the joint army of these 40 countries was headed by Pakistan’s former chief of army staff General (r) Raheel Sharif. This ‘Islamic’ alliance definitely needs the nuclear-armed Pakistan on its side because all these Sunni Gulf states failed to achieve their goals against the Yemeni militants backed by Iran.

Hem Raj Jain tried to convince the Muslims of India in his article that they would not be able to remain free of the effects of a war between the Shia and Sunni factions of Islam. He warned the Indian Muslims that they needed a purely secular political party because if they didn’t take things seriously, the Christians and Jews will destroy the Muslim world completely.