Pakistan Christian Marriage Law debate faces divide over divorce

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ISLAMABAD: (Christian Times) – On October 25, Christian leaders in Pakistan met the minister for human rights Mumtaz Ahmad Tarrar to discuss Christian Marriage Bill 2017. Talking on the occasion, Tarrar had stated that the bill would be sent to the ministry of law for recommendations after which it’d be finally sent to the National Assembly for final approval. The Christian delegation had demanded during the meeting that the bill should be strictly in accordance with the rules laid down in the Bible. The minister had assured them that the recommendations by the Christian delegation will certainly be considered before the final approval of the bill.

National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) chairperson Bishop Joseph Arshad has said on this pressing issue that though he didn’t support divorce, there are several sections in Canon Law for the annulment of a marriage, like if someone is napped for the marriage or if a man hides his impotency for marriage, then a marriage doesn’t stand in such a situation. He added that domestic or sexual violence, physical or mental disability, failure to fulfill the financial, physical or emotional responsibilities are also tantamount to annulment of the marriage.

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It is pertinent to mention here that the Christian leaders want the Marriage Bill 2017 to be implemented across the country. Ministry of Human Rights have assured them that all the resolutions passed at provincial levels will also be taken into consideration before the approval of this bill. The bill says that the minimum age for marriage would be 18 years while punishments have also been recommended in certain cases.