UK: Tory party distances itself from controversial Hindu leader Tapan Ghosh

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LONDON: (Christian Times) – Hindu leader Tapan Ghosh had been invited to address Britain’s House of Commons where he blurted out some extremely controversial remarks about the religious minorities living in India, including the Muslims. However, when the other parties protested over the remarks, senior leaders of the Tory party distanced themselves from his utterances. It has been reported that the decision to dissociate from Ghosh’s remarks was taken after realisation that the radical Hindu leader had been to jail five times for making controversial communalizing statements in the past.

Tapan Ghosh belongs to India’s West Bengal state. According to police record, he has been to jail five times for causing sectarian problems between 2012 and 2014. During his visit to the UK, Tapan Ghosh attended a Diwali event alongside the cabinet member Amber Rudd and Priti Patel. Later, he also met the neo-Nazi leader Tommy Robinson, for which he has been criticised by many.

It is pertinent to mention here that Tapan Ghosh has been infamous for similar activities in India as well. Especially for Muslims, he feels that all of them are ‘Jihadis’. He had demanded at the United Nations to ban the growth of Muslims, and had also praised the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. He even went as far as suggesting that the Western countries should force the Muslims coming to live here to leave their religion.

British parliamentarians have recorded strong protest over the invitation to Tapan Ghosh to address the House of Commons. Responding to the criticism, Tory MP Bob Blackman said that he didn’t agree with what Tapan Ghosh had said but it was the right of the parliament to listen to other people’s opinions and understand what was happening in other parts of the world.