I was abducted, tortured by Pakistani intelligence agency, claims Asim Saeed

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LONDON: (Christian Times) – Renowned Pakistani blogger Asim Saeed, who had been abducted along with at least four others online activists in January this year, has on Wednesday claimed that he had been abducted and tortured by one of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies.

Talking to BBC, Asim Saeed told that he used to work in Singapore and had gone to Pakistan for a relative’s wedding in the January of 2017 when suddenly some people wearing plain clothes told him to sit in their car.

They asked me if I knew why I was being picked up and when I said that I didn’t they started beating me up, saying, let’s talk about ‘mochi’, said Saeed. He said that he was beaten so much that he had blue marks all over his body.

Asim Saeed alleged that he also went through a polygraph test and was constantly questioned about ‘links’ with Indian intelligence agency RAW.

Saeed was one of the five bloggers abducted/kidnapped earlier this year. He used to run a page titled ‘mochi’, which criticised Pakistan’s all-powerful military establishment.