Trudeau won’t challenge the Niqab ban in Quebec

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QUEBEC, Canada: (Christian Times) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally opened up on the Niqab ban imposed by the Quebec provincial government as he said that he didn’t believe in the ban being a Liberal and in charge of the federal government but said that it was not under the domain of the federal government to challenge the law since provinces had the right to make their own legislations.

The Quebec government passed the Bill 62, also called the religious neutrality law, earlier this week according to which women would not be allowed to cover their faces at public works. The Liberals, holding majority in the province, voted in favour of the bill while all the other parties went against it.

The bill has been criticised by the opposition parties, as well as the Muslim communities in the province, for being unnecessary and aimed at targeting the Muslim community living there.

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On the other hand, Quebec Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée said that law certainly aimed at making all the citizens equal before the law and was a major step towards establishing the ‘neutrality of the state’.

The law has also been criticised by the mayor of the Montreal Denis Coderre, who says that the provincial government was clearly overstepping in the case since they were completely removed from the ground realities and the multicultural of the city he governed.

On the other hand, the Liberals were also accused of ‘ugly identity politics’ as National Council of Canadian Muslims expressed deep concern over the bill.

Meanwhile, several lawyers have said that the bill would certainly be challenged in the court as a prominent rights activist and lawyers Julius Greay termed the bill as a ‘terrible law’. NDP leader at the federal level Jagmeet Singh also said that he was completely opposed to the bill.