Situation of District Khushab is under control by Khalid Shahzad

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Khalid Shahzad. District Khushab is 60 kilometers away from Sargodha. On 3/9/17 A Muslim man Sulam s/o Badar Din was asking his daughter in a village but he never founded. On that day Muslims celebrating Eid but in his house no one celebrated Eid. He went to police and presented written application against Maria, Suneel, Boota Masih,Shamoun Masih and Vicky Masih with FIR NO:236/17 in Quaidabad police station. But when police never took it serious then he consult to Muslim clerics to find his daughter from Christians. Yesterday 5/9/17.

The Muslims gathered in Chak 43/DB and made a plan to recovered Muslim girl from Christian chak 36 and build pressure to related chaks 37 and 38. So they build huge pressure and to threat the Christians if their girl will never return then the whole three Christian chaks were burnt. The police intervene and try to maintain law and order but the crowed increasing. Today once again they crowed game near Christian chak with iron rods, sticks and some of weapons. Then police called more police to protect Christians in that village. Ground Reality. Marian bib Christian is qualified staff nurse from Sargodha opened women clinic in the Chak 34 and took residence in Chak 36. Her clinics were established and earned handsome amount in the village, had a good relation with Sulam and other Muslims. Last 2 years Her Son Sunial build relation with Sulman`s daughter age 16. They were meeting every day and no one has objection but they warn twice.

But the relation never stopped. The culture of our country never allowed on open or hidden relations with opposite sex. If they caught the parents of the girl many times killing her or never building relations It`s (Honors) stigma. In this case the relationship of Muslims and Christians braked and it’s taking a time for reunion. Future: The honor types of cases are based on emotional attachments with children and relatives. When boy or girl from home took her or his own decision parent’s getting angry. Parents always treating their children as immature and never accept their decision of self marriages. The future of Maria Bibi is finished in this village. If the girl will presented to the court by police and the statement of the Muslim girl decided life line of Maria`s son Sunail. Today the police raided at the house of Shamuan Masih, Boota Masih who were arrested and Maria`s daughter her age is 18 and she is not nominated in FIR, But due to law and order the police took her to control the mobs emotions to avoid any law and order situation. The Ulma committee Pakistan presented their two Ulmas, Mulana Zubair and Dr Zafar along with Khalid Shahzad peace and human rights activist those played their role to sustain the peace situation in that village.