A 7 Years Old Boy Faced Sexual Harassment and Torture

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Rape Case

Okara(Pakistan Christian Times)Reports As per the information and report A 7 years old boy Nauman Masih, Son of Patras Masih was playing with his friends in the street near his house and having a good time with them after some time 22 years old boy Shahrukh came to the little boy and bring him to the nearest park falsely saying to give him sweets and new games and  then he brutally harassed and tortured the innocent little boy, Nauman, the situation was very painful and pathetic so after knowing about the incident the father of Nauman Mr. Patras  Masih went to the police station of the relevant area and submitted the application against the criminal who did this inhuman act so the Police launched the Report (FIR) against the criminal and started following the case immediately.