The Case of Religion Contempt Against the Attack on Temple from the Extremist

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Pakistan Thatta district of Sindh Police has registered a case under a
temple of idols broken and thrown in the gutter r against those
who insult and counter-terrorism provisions.

This incident took place in Gharo town and the Minority councilor Lal Maheshwari stated to the BBC
He said that on Thursday Night they were sitting in the Temple and and preparing for the event

He also told that in night between night 1 am to 5 am miscreants entered in the temple and broke all the
Worship idols as soon as morning worshipers came to worship idols were not there.

According to Lal Maheshwari the sweeper found the floating images of Kali Mata and Sai Baba
On the sufface of Guttar (Sewerage Line) in front of the temple and after some more struggle worship idols found from the same place.

As he said that in the Temple there were the worship idols of Shiv Mahadev,Shri Ram,Shiv Ling so they
Broke the Shri Ram & Shiv Ling’s Idol first put in a sack and thrown into the gutter.

Lal Maheshwari stated this kind of incident took place for the first time in history and he thoought this is the
The worst try to spread the Extremism and terrorism.

Advisor of the Chief Minister Sindh Dr. Khatu Mal said that he has discussed with the police and district
Management and instructed them to file the case from the Government and add the counter act of counter
Terrorism and Religious Disrespect.
Dr Khatu Mal Also said that this is the mentality of some people and organizations and the police will arrest
And put them behind the bars according to the law and give will give them punish.

In this Regard SSP Thatta mstuyy Fida Hussain told the BBC that Fir has been charged under the anti-terrorism provisions to violate the sanctity of religious origin.

He said that initially it seems as the individual wickedness, will mark the feet of the temple, they are eleven and twelve-year-old child, however, is being investigated from all sides.


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